Very odd (possibly LARP?) helmet which needs identifying.

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C. M. Warr
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Very odd (possibly LARP?) helmet which needs identifying.

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Pictures can be found here.

Hello all, I have a bit of a conundrum. I bought this helmet very cheaply from an antique centre for the primary purpose of training - not intending to use it as an authentic piece of kit. However, I can't seem to find any identification of it ANYWHERE. It's just completely odd. The ridged noseguard is baffling and I haven't found a reference to it anywhere, nor either for the band of metal around the edge. Is this just a fantasy/LARP style helmet, or is it based on an actual one? I have a feeling that it was made as just a generic, cheap Medieval style helmet.

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Re: Very odd (possibly LARP?) helmet which needs identifying.

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Wow, that's quite an eyesore. It looks like someone has cut open a propane gas cylinder, extracted the domed part from the bottom, and then riveted on the rim and nasal in an attempt to make something which looks like a C9-11th one-piece helmet. Except that the shape of the dome is entirely wrong (round rather than conical), and the band around the rim looks a lot wider than normal, with the rivets in a very odd location. The nasal piece is one of the styles which a couple of suppliers offered for a while as an option to fit to a basic dome, so you could buy the parts as a kit and put it together yourself. In this case, they shouldn't have bothered. I've seen something similar on sale for LARP in a games shop, but even the LARPers wouldn't touch it.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is definitely something that shouldn't make it further than a training session, and even then I'd be doubtful about wearing it.
Paul Murphy
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