16th century armour pictures

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16th century armour pictures

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Here some pictures of our 16th century Johann Küstrin tournament armour. This suit of armour is a replica of a late 16th century original that was property of Johann, Margrave of Brandenburg- Küstrin. The suit of armour is made in the Italian art styles and has rope-shaped edges that were originally a German trend. As the armour is relatively flexible and light it can easily be converted to a battlefield piece. It can also be equipped with leg armour. http://www.celticwebmerchant.eu/a-26959 ... nt-armour/
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Re: 16th century armour pictures

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that looks awesome..that crossbow looks great also very ancient
i love my hunting knife

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Re: 16th century armour pictures

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Looks pretty cool.
I can't imagine with ancient people use blow gun when hunting for foods.

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