New Woodworking Projects

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New Woodworking Projects

Post by miscreant »

Just finished up my most favorite trestle table I've made to date. It's based on a drawing from the Companie of St. George's magazine, the Dragon, issue 7, pg 9. I think it turned out rather well.

Then I finished a Canfield type chest (along with paper mache cat :wink: ) for my Black Prince harness.

Then, I finished an artillery style box based on drawings from Gerry Embleton in some of the Osprey Series books.

All are just for fun, my escape from my real job. Did I say that??!! :shh:
Nobleman trestle table 2.jpg
Nobleman trestle table 2.jpg (34.88 KiB) Viewed 3300 times
Nobleman Chest.jpg
Nobleman Chest.jpg (24.89 KiB) Viewed 3300 times
Artillery Box.jpg
Ich Dien

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Re: New Woodworking Projects

Post by Biro »

Very small tops, those two tables.. :devil:

Very nice work though. Very nice. The cat looks really lifelike too.

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Re: New Woodworking Projects

Post by Jolynn »

*dribble* I love wood. They are beauuuuuutiful. Very well done :D

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Re: New Woodworking Projects

Post by Lady Willows Retinue »

Nice cat - very Garfieldesque.

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Re: New Woodworking Projects

Post by steven pole »

very wantable woodwork there.

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