birmingham visit 09

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birmingham visit 09

Post by kayleaeloise »

well me and the partner headed down to birmingham to check out the anglo-saxon hoard today (unfortunatley we went allowed to take pictures) but we also then found a motley bunch of gloucesters and ferrers at the bull ring in birmingham :) ... a45fd85570

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Jim Smith
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Re: birmingham visit 09

Post by Jim Smith »

Eeee - possibly one of the more unflattering pics I've ever had taken. Either that or its age...

Despite that fact that one nearby shop created such a stink that we were told by the Market police to stop our display, it was still a pretty good day.
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Re: birmingham visit 09

Post by Christabel »

That looks quite surreal, but a good idea - what a way to get new audiences! How did it happen, were you booked in by one shop or what?

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Re: birmingham visit 09

Post by British »

Brilliant. Like some rift in the space, time continuum.
Soldiers look great against the modern background.

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