New Video of Destrier Pro Tudor jousting at Pendennis

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New Video of Destrier Pro Tudor jousting at Pendennis

Post by Jason »

I though there might be some interest in this little video of Philippe and I hitting each other quite hard with solid lances and steel tips.

We're planning several improvements and modifications this year to make it better. Comments appreciated.

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Post by Skevmeister »

Brilliant Video, shame I am scared of Horses, I have always loved the idea of Jousting. (BTW SCared of Cows as well)
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Post by lidimy »

That's brilliant!!!! Love it :D :D :D :D love it love it love it!! <3 :D :D :D :D :D :D esp the way you put the old piccies together with the re-creation!
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Post by wurzul »

What Lidi said. Truly spectacular. Skev, you have good reason to be wary of cows, horrible malaevolent beasts. Eat more steak is a good philosophy where cows are concerned.

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