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Post by Type16 »

Just by chance, I came across this picture & related article re Conquistadors ... 5160.shtml
Archers have a way of making their point
Walk softly & carry a big (pointy) stick

Image ---- First Aid for Re-enactors


Marcus Woodhouse
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Post by Marcus Woodhouse »

Thats gonna hurt in the morning.

Joram van Essen
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Post by Joram van Essen »

Somehow I dont think there was a next morning for him to hurt in :?

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Vittner V
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Post by Vittner V »

High velocity trappaning .......... removes headaches in a flash :o
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Sygtrygg Athlunkard
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Post by Sygtrygg Athlunkard »

I want to be a Conquistadore as much as I want a hole in me head !! :lol:
You think its dark now !...but, its gonna get a whole lot darkerer..... he he he.

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