rockingham 07

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rockingham 07

Post by oakenshield »

hello its taken a while to get these on but i thought i d post them for those going to rockingham in 08 :) ... gham%2007/

hope you likem

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Post by chrisanson »

nice , i recognise a few faces as well :D

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Post by latheaxe »

ooooooo im' famous,Nice picture of Andy too... :D

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Post by Matt_D »

I'm on a couple there as well. 0530 and 0529, looking smart in a nice redcoat.

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Post by kael »

lol.. my kit was so wang for that parade... obviously starting a fight meant a little cross dressing ^^

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Post by Panda »

I never knew my face could be so red without being sunburned....
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