Tudorbethan suit.

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Very swanky...is it Janet Arnold who has the tale of the bloke who was carrying his household linen around in his padded breeches - you could get three authenti tents into these ones!
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Very NIce

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That is damm good... makes me chuffed I asked Tuppence to make me stuff!

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ere boy we could be the realy baggy borthers!!!!!!!!
Just a hint and tip, be very carefull when dismounting from a tudor saddle in hose like that, as I found at the bank holiday doo, getting them cought on the cantal and a milierty dismount just don't mix and the result can be turly horrible! :lol: just ask pixie see got a real eye full!!!!!!!!? :oops:

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That'll go in the mental "what not to do with horses whiel in kit" log-

alongside the experience of watching Mr Piggot incorrectly stow his bollock dagger while mounting and ending up with the point on the saddle and the hilt disappearing up his *rse! :shock:

and the time he stepped on a trailing girth while stowing his saddle, then into a trailing iron and backflipped to end up with a saddle on top of him- oh how we laughed ;)
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Very cool suit (how do I keep missing these threads :oops: )!
I'm of the opinion that the extra material is for stuffing reived sheep down as it's easier than herding them.
As for riding in kit, I'm happy to say that the worst that happened to me was a sudden loss of memory while dismounting from a sidesaddle. Up until that point, I'd practiced in trousers and was used to springing to the ground. Forgetting I was wearing a long skirt resulted in a brief moment of being upside down before disappearing (due to the skirt ripping) under the horse who, true to form, watched the whole process over his shoulder with that look of faintly bemused interest that horses do so well.
Mind you, with all that material, make sure you don't go out in the rain, the weight'll knock you to the floor! :lol:
Still very cool though!
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there will be awhole procession of cool stuff appearing Just as soona s MS lough gets her camera sorted out
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