Marrying Mum and Dad (Series 3, Episode 10)

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Marrying Mum and Dad (Series 3, Episode 10)

Postby Henri De Ceredigion » Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:08 am

Programme Synopsis:
Children organise a wedding for their unmarried parents or step-parents. Sisters Charlotte and Belle want to get their own back on their embarrassing dad, Pete. They plan a Georgian-themed wedding, where he has to wear make-up and pink tights, but the fun doesn't end there - his special challenge is to eat a Georgian delicacy of pig's ear. Will the wedding go down in the history books or quickly be forgotten?

The programme can be viewed for the next six days at and I thought that they got the Georgian elements down to an absolute tee, but then I'm not really an expert so would appreciate the thoughts from those more Georgian in their knowledge

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