Free access to 18th century books online 1 month only

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Mark P.
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Free access to 18th century books online 1 month only

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Found this on another forum:

In honor of National Library Week -- actually for all of April -- Thompson - Gale is opening their databases to the public. Of particular interest is "Eighteenth Century Collections Online" supposedly has every book published in English in the 1700s. Don't delay, they will shut down on 1 May.

Press 'access now button'

Press 'others' button

The Eighteenth Century Collections Online is in the History, Biography and Literature section

You can view the books in 50 page chunks of pdf file if you use the 'print/view pdf' icon on the top LHS of the screen. Otherwise view 1 page at a time.

The site seems to work better with IE rather than Firefox.

Have fun and hope you find something of interest.

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What a great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just got a copy of 'A compleat history of the rebellion' by James Ray.

Plus several pieces of music for Anne-Marie, including 'Beggar's Opera' and 'Polly'. 8)
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Oh, my hard drive is suffering from this!
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gale downloads

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Gaukler Medieval Wares

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