Picture 18th century Militia capt. Osprey book?

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Picture 18th century Militia capt. Osprey book?

Post by Tod »

I was looking at the Osprey books at TORM. In one of them which I think was one of the three King Georges Army 1740 - 17?? there was a picture of a militia Capt. Does any one know which book (becuase I've forgotten) or who the picture is of.
Thanks in advance.

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Post by Andy R »

Hi Tod,

following on from your request for hose, would this be a Highland officer?

Book 2 certainly covers fencibles/invalids/militia, and plate F has a picture of an officer of the Sutherland fencibles 1759.

Also worth checking out is his Warrior series book on the British redcoat 1740 to 1793 which includes pictures of Geoff King among others.

It has a very nice plate which includes an impresion of a Highland officer in 1760 (boots, off white breeches and waistcoat and regimental coatee.

There also another plate showing the 43rd on the march showing officers with buff breeches and red waistcoat and coatee.

Personally I think you should get in contact with Tony as he's puting his stuff together for the 74th HLI this year. (1808 to 1815) :D
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Post by Steve of RaT »

If it's the picture I think, then it's MAA 289 King George's Army 1740-93(2) ISBN 1-85532-564-0 :P

The picture is Captain William Thornton, Yorkshire Blues. Plate A No. 3

I can lend you mine next time I see you, if you haven't got one by then.
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