Demo stuff for "expeditionary" campsite

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Demo stuff for "expeditionary" campsite

Postby Martin » Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:00 pm

For the last couple of years Ive been setting up a canvas smoker and doing food smoking talks / demos as well as using flint and steel etc, I've the right firearms, etc, lots of hides, antlers as Im trying to "portray" a section of a camp set up for hunting / food preserving circa 1800's and make jerky following a recipe used by Lewis and Clark on their 1804 expedition. Its not an authentic set up per say as there is no evidence for portable smokers like the one I made and I have far more period cooking implements than they carried, but Im showing the smoking process in a manner that allows me to do it at music festivals, reenactments and food fairs where large amounts of smoke in the air would be a problem :) . Im getting together a spice / herb box that has compartments in it for a "show and tell" type of thing, what sort of spices would be used a lot in America at the time ? what kind of dry rations etc would be carried, not just on the L&C expedition but generally its just so I can pull little pouches of stuff out, pass them round for smelling etc, cheers :)

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