Woof Neigh!

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Woof Neigh!

Post by Panzerman »

Shock Horror
Guy Gibson's Dog renamed Trigger!!!!!

In Pete Jackson's forthcoming remake of the Jam Blusters

The dog will be renamed Trigger due to the possible offence caused to certain sections of the world's population....

Rumour has it Guy Gibson will be renamed Roy Rodgers

The Dams will be renamed Ethel and Edith

The codename for a successful mission will be "Kimosabe" and Gibson's wife will be called Eliza Jane....

The planes will be renamed "Northern Counties"

and the Bombs will be renamed Grommits (Barnes..... Wallace...... Wallace and..... forgeddit)

Is the world going bloody stupid mad barmy or is it just me?
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Post by Ben_Fletcher »

personally i find political correctness offensive....
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