Somme100 and the RFC

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Somme100 and the RFC

Postby Light Blue Spy » Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:55 pm


First ever post so please go gently with me . . .

I am part of the UK's Somme100 Project Team, tasked with commemorating the RFC aspects. I am working on a couple of strands but thought I would come on here and ask the experts (aka you!) for opinions and ideas. My remit covers everything from photogenic vignettes to a written press pack. Thoughts so far include a recce angle involving use of balloons and fixed wing aircraft, and then brought up-to-date with aerial recce 2016 style. VC recipients will also probably be involved as will life in the RFC in 1916 for both air and ground crew.

So, would anyone like to contribute? What would you like to see represented?

Grateful for all comments.

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