British Army uniforms FWW

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British Army uniforms FWW

Postby Notfancy » Fri May 01, 2015 10:07 am

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend any works on the material culture of the of British Army 1914-18? I have a friend who makes American civil war era uniforms to a very high standard and is looking to branch out into British FWW uniforms and is looking for some reference material. Being a medieval re-enactor I don't have a clue, so recommended he try out the Osprey books, but these are not detailed enough for his needs.

If anyone has read/seen the following, than that is the kind of thing he is after: ... 526090.htm

So seriously nerdy, detailed and comprehensive works, if this doesn't exists in a single work, are people about to recommend a number of works.

Thank you kindly for you help

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