Cotton bobbins c.1910

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Cotton bobbins c.1910

Post by RottenCad »

Hello everyone,

I'm a bit out of my depth here as it's well away from my normal period, but I've been asked to source some pictures and/or samples of thread bobbins from the immediate pre-WWI era. We are portraying a seamstress's shop circa 1910, with treadle operated Singer sewing machines, and I was hoping to plumb your expertise on the style of thread bobbins that would have been current.

Hope you can help,

Ta muchly

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Re: Cotton bobbins c.1910

Post by frances »

I have a 1908 machine. The bobbins are very different to today's sewing machines. They are about an inch long and thin.

Or are you aksing about cotton reels that you buy in the shops. I have lots of these in assorted sizes; some are very small indeed.

Miss Costello
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Re: Cotton bobbins c.1910

Post by Miss Costello »

If you want some photos pop me an email.

katiespitfire@ hot mail .com

I have a lot of period sewing accoutrements. :)

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