Ladies undergarments 1914

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Scottish Lady
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Ladies undergarments 1914

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I've got a fantastic book called Edwardian Shopping, which is a selection of items from the Army & Navy Stores 1898-1913, there are some really great illustrations. Does anyone know whether anyone is actually making anything like the A&N Specialite Corsets, as I really need something to make the rest of my outfit hang properly.
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Phil the Grips
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Re: Ladies undergarments 1914

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Speak to Jen at Wyte Phantom- she makes Edwardian corsets and is always up for a challenge ... 4928081954
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Miss Costello
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Re: Ladies undergarments 1914

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Izabela at Prior Attire is making an era appropriate corset. Not seen one close up but the photos look nice.

I'm producing a pattern shortly for a mid to late GW corset for those who like to make their own.


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Re: Ladies undergarments 1914

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Also Karen at Foundations of Empire (see Facebook) does GW period bespoke corsetry

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