traders selling Edwardian clothes

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traders selling Edwardian clothes

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I'm thinking of buying an Edwardian outfit (hopefully complete with giant hat). As I'm far too unskilled to make it could people point me in the direction of traders who make beautiful things? I've tried googling on t'interweb, but only found patterns. It doesn't have to be entirely authentic as it's not for attending events in, just looking fantastic.

thanks very much

Miss Costello
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Re: traders selling Edwardian clothes

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When you say Edwardian, is it for Great War events?

I keep getting ladies asking for 'big hats' like the Widow hats of 1910/1912 but they were pretty outmoded by then.

Can recommend some nice, simple patterns to work from. I make GW era hats if that's more what you're looking for.


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Re: traders selling Edwardian clothes

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There's a shop in Shrewsbury (I see you're Staffordshire, so not too far..?) who sells original pieces among other antiques if having a look at examples might help you? She'll be trading at the event on the Severn Valley Railway at Bridgnorth this weekend.
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