Charity's 75th anniversary 1930's/40's style- an invitation

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The Grange, Bookham
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Charity's 75th anniversary 1930's/40's style- an invitation

Postby The Grange, Bookham » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:27 pm

Saturday 13th July 2013, A charity fundraising event near Leatherhead, Surrey. Era – 1930’s and 1940’s- Civillian styleThis is to let you know about a special one-off event to raise money for ”The Grange”, a charity and centre for adults with disabilities in Surrey (
We would like to invitel 1930's and 1940's enthusiasts to help us and to come and enjoy a fun day out.

More details about the event- A celebration of 75 years of our charity in Surrey (1938 – present). We would like to re-create the atmosphere of 1938 for all our visitors on our Celebration Day. There will be rides on a vintage bus, classic cars and music and dance acts of the era. There will also be magic shows, a family quiz trail, a heritage exhibition, refreshments, open gardens and, at the end of the day, we will be burying a time capsule to mark the occasion.
About us – The Grange provides housing and training for adults with disabilities in Great Bookham in Surrey (registered charity No. 207740). Originally named “The School of Stitchery and Lace”, the charity was founded in the 1920’s to provide support, housing and re-training opportunities to nurses with disabilities, gained through injuries whilst carrying out duties in WW1. Today, in 2013, we have housing for men and women with a wide range of disabilities and we offer training opportunities to promote independence. Training areas include horticulture, catering, IT, Woodwork, Retail skills and Creative Art and Textiles. We are a forward thinking charity and we wish to celebrate not only our past but aslo the work we carry out today and our hopes for our people here in the future.
The 75th anniversary in July is a very special day for us and we would be delighted if you could share it with us, Entry is free - donations on the day will go to The Grange (registered charity No. 207740.

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Re: Charity's 75th anniversary 1930's/40's style- an invitat

Postby Miss Costello » Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:07 pm

Are you looking for people to participate? We are down that way that week anyway so might be able to get a few 1930s people together who all sew.


The Grange, Bookham
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Re: Charity's 75th anniversary 1930's/40's style- an invitat

Postby The Grange, Bookham » Sat Feb 09, 2013 5:55 pm

Yes, we are looking for people to participate, dressed from the period (and also anyone who would like to visit for a family day out).

We have a lovely old walled garden and had an idea that we might be able to persuade some people to re-enact the early days of our charity when injured nurses were re-trained in fine stitchery. So, if it is sunny on the day, please feel free to sit and sew amongst our gardens (iwith your own sewing projects). We also want to re-create the style of a vintage garden-party so another option is just to come come dressed up for a good day out! It would be ideal to have some living-history groups here to show our visitorts how it's done! :$

If you, or anyone else woudl like further details please see our website: (events section) or feel free to post questions...

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