WW2 Vehicle/Infantry Risk Assessment

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Steve Churchill
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WW2 Vehicle/Infantry Risk Assessment

Post by Steve Churchill »

Could anyone help me in regards to risk assessments and the use of vehicles alongside infantry?

I'm guessing WW2 re-enactors are probably familier and have set procedures on how to use vehicles alongside infantry, so hopefully someone could drop me a line as I am trying to write a risk assessment and procedures for just such and it would be better to make the most of others experience in the area :-)

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Re: WW2 Vehicle/Infantry Risk Assessment

Post by Panzerman »

Steve - hope it's not too late - don't visit much these days - We have a simple RA -

Working with vehicles
Crush injuries Crush Injuries can result when working with vehicle with restricted vision RISK RATED AS MEDIUM/HIGH When moving or marshalling a vehicle, sufficient personnel must be on hand to supervise all sides of the vehicle. ONE Marshall is responsible overall and controls vehicle movement. Recognised signals MUST be used when voice contact is not possible. If control measures adhered to: MEDIUM/LOW
Vehicles with restricted vision must have an observer mounted on them who is in direct contact with the driver LOW
Public must be kept a minimum distance of 3m away from a moving or manoeuvring vehicle. LOW/NEGLIGIBLE
Burns Hot parts of engines, exhausts, manifolds and panels can cause burn injuries RISK RATED AS MEDIUM Care must be taken to identify and avoid hot parts of vehicles. LOW
Do not ride on the exterior of vehicles NIL
The public must be kept away from running vehicles, vehicles which have just ceased running and vehicles which are about to move. NIL
Hearing damage Military vehicles in particular can be loud and above normal limits RISK RATED AS HIGH Wear PPE at all times when operating or marshalling vehicles. Allowance must be made for voice comms. If control measures adhered to: LOW

It was in a table but if you decipher it - It works.....

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Re: WW2 Vehicle/Infantry Risk Assessment

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Not only public....The skidding Bren Carrier on the road going through our camp area at Detling was interesting..........
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