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Annual Grand Regency Ball, Assembly Rooms Bath

Posted: Fri May 15, 2015 8:00 pm
by Alice the Huswyf
A perfect public time-tarting opportunity.

Fully costumed event which uses the Bath Assembly Rooms for their original purpose - card room, bar, separate supper rooms, hot buffet supper and a large room dedicated to dancing, without having to move supper tables about and orphan diners (I'm always one, at such events), space to watch, space to talk.

This is a sociable event encompassing complete beginner and experienced dancers - just like the original public subscription balls of the period there is a huge range of people to meet or observe. It is a good place for a cold start for beginners (many of us did so!) as you can hide in the crowd - groups travel from America, Australia, Russia and all points in between for this one...

See link below for up to date ticket prices (there are discounts if you book a table). The afternoon dance workshop ticket includes tea and cream scones: attendance is advisable, if not for the craic - period daywear is entirely optional.

Full details here:

This event coincides with the Jane Austen Festival , so you can strut your funky Regency stuff through the streets without standing out, and pick up talks, events and photo-opportunities in addition.

If you don't do the period , want to go and have no kit, you can hire direct from Farthingales: (one year we met a young Chinese student who saw the dance workshop through the door when visiting the Assembly Rooms on a day out, got a ticket and hired a frock and caught the last train back to York after the ball - now that's what I call a party girl!)

2018 Annual Grand Regency Ball, Assembly Rooms Bath

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:38 pm
by Alice the Huswyf
The 2018 ball is being held on September 22nd, 7 - 12pm

Full event details here: including booking ball tickets and workshop tickets. A very pleasant evening, worth the ticket price, with a supper hall, ball room, bar and rooms to chat and stroll through.

I've no connection beyond still enjoying it - along with other friends who also tried dancing at it for the first time. Brilliant evening to make up a table for an group outing or spoiling a non-camping partner. Big, varied crowd so any nerves wear off quickly.