Elba - Napoleon's Exile

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Elba - Napoleon's Exile

Postby bonnacon » Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:33 pm

4and20blackbirds have recently got back from the island of Elba off the Italian coast, where Napoleon was initially exiled 200 years ago this year. A grand ball, theatre visit, picnic and various other entertainments, all in period, were organised for participants who came from across Europe - and we were hired to cook.
So we did. Four 12 hour days preparing a cold supper buffet for the grand ball held at Napoleon's residence itself. Recipes and presentations from Careme and Glasse. For 150. Including the Italian cultural attache and the French ambassador to Italy.
We also managed a 2 hour sailing on the tallship La Grace ( http://www.lagrace.cz/en/main/lod ) some costumed re-enactment at Napoleon's summer residence - and an overnighter to Lucca and Pisa.
We have discussed our availability for future bookings with Malta tourism, French TV and various Elban and mainland Italian authorities.
Pictures on 4and20blackbirds facebook page.

Apologies for indulging in the sin of pride but we had a staggeringly good team in Joe and Laura and they done good!!

Vivimus vivamus!

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