The Proof House!

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The Proof House!

Post by Dixie »

Has anyone else thought that their work is a little shoddy?
it would appear that they care not a jot where they put the proof mark on the barrels or where the information about the testing is stamped.
Has anyone else felt that the look of their historical firearm has been somewhat tarnished by sloppy workmanship?
I have raised this with a couple of dealers and they are reluctant to discuss it with the proof house for fear that they will no longer have their orders processed in a timely manor. Not that the proof house are above the law, just that they are the law!
Any thoughts or experiences?
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Re: The Proof House!

Post by Merlon. »

Birmingham or London? They are separate legal entities after all

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Re: The Proof House!

Post by steve stanley »

My recent Birmingham ones are under the barrel...........
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