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Le beau Soleil de Austerlitz?

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 1:27 am
by Louis
8) No Chance.
Pack yer best woollen undies and dont forget the hip flask. :cry: :?

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 1:20 pm
by Sussex Yeoman
Double thermals, hot coffee and staying close to a warm horse.....

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 1:39 am
by Jan Gradon
It wasn't that bad was it? ;) It was bloody cold when we were waiting for the battle, but during it, it was too hot :wink:

Legion de la Vistule

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 4:59 pm
by lancer
Well all back from one of the biggest events in europe and very much impressed with the over all weekend, now looking to the next to major events in 2006, Pultusk and Jena.

ps Louis coconuts now not required

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 1:43 pm
by otto
How did it go

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 8:04 pm
by Louis
It was great.
Beer was 50 pence a pint.

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