New Re-enactor - Licencing question

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New Re-enactor - Licencing question

Post by niimmm »

Hi Guys,

I've owned a Victorian Enfield P53 rifle for many years and it's been stuck on the wall. I'm owning it without any licence.

I'd like to get into re-enacting and to use my rifle. I'd just want to make the rifle go bang and not fire any projectile of course. Please can someone on this forum tell me what licence i need, if any and any techniques or equipment I need to get the gun going.

thank you,

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Re: New Re-enactor - Licencing question

Post by madjon »

The key word is intent, technically when you have intent to fire it, you get on to iffy ground, as in it is no longer kept as a curiousity, meanwhile, ignoring the technical implications of intent, we go to licencing, go to the website for the police in the area in which you live, look for firearms licencing, then find the telephone number of the local licencing team and have a chat, there is also a large amount of useful licencing information on the licencing of firearms, that is what it is, you can then go through the process of applying for a firearms licence.
If you happen to have the p53 as a historical curiosity, that is fine as it is an obsolete muzzle loader over 100 years in age, however if you intend to fire it, it is no longer a curiosity and is kept as a firearm, beware the wording!

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