Winchesters website updated.

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Winchesters website updated.

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Would you lt be interested in a hobby thats sociable, gets you out in the fresh air and fun for all the family?

If you like camping, dressing up and a bit of history then maybe, just maybe English Civil war Re-enactment might be just for you.

I'd like to introduce you to the Marquess of Winchesters Regiment of the English Civil War society. We have events up and down the country but have a stronge membership base in the Oxford, Bucks, Berks and Hampshire area. We are based at Basing House Hampshire and have 1 event their each year either training, recruiting or just socialising.

Vist our website is here - for more infomation

Have a good look around the site, it will show that though we take the hobby seriuosly we have a great time as well. Our membership comes from all walks of life and all age groups.

Our 2008 season is already looking as it could be busy. Events posted on our website are only those Winchesters will be attending in force, there are many other events organised by other regiments in the English Civil War Society which members can attend. Also when confirmd there will events posted that the whole society attends and these are great for socialising and even better for battles.. :wink:

ECWS website

If by chance you are interested in joining or using us a part of an event you are hosting please feel free to contact me via my email. This is a great hobby for all the family, outside in the fresh air away from the pc/tv.

Our Introductory membership is £5 per person for 1 event only, with this you get all the kit you need to take part including the weapons and armour. Should you decide to join £5 of this membership fee will go towards your full subscription. Also if you join late in the season we have the ability to reduce the full subs fee to cater for the number of events left in the season.

Here's is the opening chaptor of the ECWS promotional video in which you will see Winchesters 3 times. Click the link and then click the "View the opening chapter of the DVD"

If you have any questions, you could post here or email me at the address below.
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