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War without tears.

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:52 pm
by Strafford
It seems to me that many people view these forums but not many people post. Do keep reading and don't be afraid to post. I'm nothing to do with the running of this forum but I have been on Histroy Forums which had been hijacked ny neo Nationalists and bullies. Not pleasant, especially when your one true obsession is History.

Anyone who teaches, or presents History should let people leave with these words. "Now, please go away and prove me wrong". In mainstream Education, the Taught become the Teachers and regurgitate that which they have been taught. School history doesn't set kids alight because the set sylabus doesn't send them off in a mad, frantic search for the truth. Everytime we find a new truth or disprove an old truth, it's like finding Gold. I love that in finding the story of Refeeding in 1945, I was able to apply the symptoms and treatment to the Scottish Prisoners in 1650. Not only that, but in finding the attempt at treating the Scottish Prisoners in 1650, there is one brick in the wall of emnity between the Scots and the English 'coming a bit loose'.

Laurie. age 67, no qualifications, no Budgerigar and a gekkoe. The gekkoe may be dead, he hasn't moved for a while.