More rubbish to overturn.

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More rubbish to overturn.

Postby Strafford » Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:29 pm

It has been said tha CRomwell failed to p-rovide tents for his men. In the Berwick Guild book, on one of the pages that disappeared, we find a different story altogether. Within the lists of goods sent for the Army is 3,000 tents. Recorded in Berwick, in 1650. It also lists the boots and shoes, the provisions and the names of the ships requisitioned for the Invasion of Scotland. I is really funny how any little thing, true or false that puts Cromwell in a bad light appears as 'History'.
THose of you who have studied the Battle of Dunbar will be surprised to know that Cromwell being cut off by the enemy at Cockburnspath was not a mistake on Cromwell's part. He had left 2,500 men with Arthur Hesilrige to keep the road clear between Berwick and Edinburgh. An order that Heselrige didn't carry out!

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