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Rupert and Monck Letters.

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:59 pm
by Strafford
Prince Rupert and George Monck ended up on different sides in the Civil Wars. Monck was instrumental in restoring the Monarchy but only when he realised that England was on the brink of Civil War. Rupert had been reduced to piracy and given a good kicking by General at Sea, Blake (Whose grandfather owned the Mayflower!). Cromwell's idea of sending Generals to sea proved a good one. They used a tactic which was adopted for years after on land and sea. Get close to the enemy, take their fire, then get closer and demolish them. The British Empire was built on the ability to take enemy fire, close ranks and kill from close range. It was also built on Gin and Tonic and Civil Servants who didn't use their service to accumulate fortunes. Messrs Kinnock and Mandelson take note. :shifty:
MOnck became the 'Duke of Albermarle' and Rupert (who had once been offered the English throne) stayed just Prince Rupert. Jimmy II became the head honcho of the Navy and Monck and Rupert were Admirals below him.
There is a book by the Folio Society which describes the control of the Navy after the Restoration and the terrible condition that the Parliament ships were allowed to get into. It also talks about disgusting provisions which Sir Henry Vane The Younger had almost stamped out in the interregnum.
The book gives the movement of ships and their Captains. It tells of Sailor's hospitals and impressment. Well worth getting hod of... Mne was three quid of Ebay.