Winged Hussar Kit

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steve stanley
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Winged Hussar Kit

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"Give me a tent and a kettle
Snowshoes and axe and gun
Send me up in Grand River
Steering by star and sun".
- Labrador Trapper's Song

G Cooley
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How long before we see an East European Mercenary on an ECW battlefield?

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John Waller
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G Cooley wrote:How long before we see an East European Mercenary on an ECW battlefield?
Eastern European mercenaries were not unknown, the Croat Carlos Fantom springs to mind but I doubt any winged hussars made the trip.
Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

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Andy R
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I klnow a copuple of people from the Fed have Polish Winged Hussar armour on order.

I'll have to give them a poke to see if they have received it yet....
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Winged Hussar Kit

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Just seen this thread. Something I was involved in many years ago, my wings and bridle.

John T
C 17 1996 Q Vandal Polish Winged Hussar query.jpg

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Phil the Grips
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