Need help ID'ing pottery

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Need help ID'ing pottery

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Hi there

Ive been tasked to identify an assemblage of pottery found within the Worcestershire area. Im ok on most of the pottery, however two bits are throwing me.

I have:

cooking pot shard (I think):
This 153g shard comprises of rounded grains of sandstone, and quarts with the sandstone inclusions ranging from approximately 1-2mm in size. The shard at its tallest point is approximately 9cm in height whilst the 1cm thick body of the shard is externally oxidised brown-red. Further, the inner face of the shard is oxidised a light grey. The external face also shows part of its transparent olive glaze. Rough to the touch, the shard is sandy with an orange peel texture to the internal face. As the shard retains a shallow rim, the estimated diameter of the complete pot is roughly 48cm. The shard is straight sided and likely to be hand-formed as no wheel marks are present.


glazed conical bowl:
This 155g shard comprises of a cream coloured core with inclusions of quartz, sandstone and what is possibly a rare inclusion of crushed iron-ore. The shard is externally oxidised red with a sandy texture, whilst the internal face is covered with a transparent yellow glaze. The majority of the rim appears to show the exposed white “slip” where the glazing has either not been applied, or has faded away. At its highest, the shard measures 9.9cm, with a thickness of 0.5-1cm. Wheel marks are present throughout the body of the shard, and due to the quality of this segment (which includes part of its original base) it indeed appears to have been manufactured via a wheel.


Thanks in advance.


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