How to tell who is a Knight.

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Re: How to tell who is a Knight.

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Colin Middleton wrote:I've always thought that the 'problem point' would be the inside of the elbow where the couter wraps round and stands proud of the arm.
Hi Colin, Don't forget Italian style harness was articulated and didn't tend to have the couter a german or english armour would have - I also read somewhere lately (secondary source though) that German armours are little evidenced here and Italian armours were more likely lower down the price ranges. Whether that's true or not - I don't know.

edited to reflect the true if slightly pedantic point of Marcus below. Mind you being as I take great joy from pedantism myself I bow to his entirely true and relevant point below and have added the word 'style' :angel:
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Re: How to tell who is a Knight.

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Apart from Italian armour made in the Flemish/English/German styles, or the Flemish and French armour made in the Italian style or the German armours that copied Milanese styles.(And so on...)

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Re: How to tell who is a Knight.

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Those who are not all covered in sh** lol (unless its a Tourney XD)
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Re: How to tell who is a Knight.

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I've just been looking through my copy of "the great warbow" and it seems to me that actually a lot of the longbowmen in the best pictures are actually sans arm harness. Maille sleeves a plenty, and sometimes wearing a complete harness otherwise, but usually without the arm harness. Now the couple of times they do appear to have arm harnesses its always very low profile looking articulated ones without a wing, although sometimes with what looks like a rondel. Again we have a problem because actually these images are usually really small in the original, and so it could just be that they didn't put enough detail in and left the wings out. However, thought I'd say, more often than not they are only wearing maille sleeves.

Makes me want a nice cheap breastplate and a visorless sallet, so I can say I've got a complete kit. I guess I'd still have to finish my scabbard and make a battle ready dagger as well though.

*sighs* so much to do.
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