Desperately looking for the 12th century

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Desperately looking for the 12th century

Post by Fru Claudia »

I'm very interested in the 1100's. However, it is quite difficult to find people and groups that work with this period. I find people who are really into the viking age and people who are almost fanatical about the 14th C. There is no end to all the blogs about the 14th C.

But what about the 12th century? Why is it that "nobody" seems to care? It really puzzles me. Or am I looking in the wrong places?

I don't care that much for tournaments and fighting. My interest is more of making things. Clothes, furniture, bows & arrows etc. When I search in books or museum collections, I find that there is not an abundance of artifacts from this century. Can that be the reason for the lack of interest?

So, all good people at this forum. Can you help a damsel in distress? Or at least help me find some new friends that think the 1100's was a truly fascinating time period.

(Forgive my spelling errors. English is not my native language)

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Re: Desperately looking for the 12th century

Post by guthrie »

Welcome to the forum. It's a bit quiet these days due to the growth of facebook and suchlike, but I recalled Tanya here:
is rather into the 12th century. I'm afraid lots of people are too focused on fighting, but there are a reasonable number of living history folk around.

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Re: Desperately looking for the 12th century

Post by Ribauldequin »

One book that might help, it is a catalogue from an Exhibition from 1992-1993. Called ` From Viking to Crusader ` Scandinavia and Europe 800-1200. Produced by the Nordic Council of Ministers, ISBN 87 7303 558 0. It is an A4 book 2.5cm thick, full of finds from Viking to 1200. I am sure you are not alone. In UK, crafts are popular in most periods of re enactment as we do more `Living History` type events. The Mittelaldercentret in Denmark is based at 1400, but may be able to put you in touch with others in Scandinavia who are interested in an earlier period.

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