padded / mail trapper 13 th c horse armour

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phil ainsley
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padded / mail trapper 13 th c horse armour

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just wondering if anybody has any experience of making, has seen any recreations, or has any information regarding the construction of padded and mail trappers for horses. looking at 13th c recreation of horse armour. i have a few manuscript images of mail trappers and caparisons, im just interested if any one has more details/experience than what i can find currently especially regarding patterns/design.

thanks in advance

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Brother Ranulf
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Re: padded / mail trapper 13 th c horse armour

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Possibly the very earliest Anglo-Norman caparison is seen on the seal of William fitzEmpress (known as Longespée). It is known that this seal was used from 1156 to 1164, possibly a few years earlier. This sets the style for horse caparisons well into the 13th century - always looking as if they are two separate pieces covering the front and rear of the horse, usually with a long, decorated saddle cloth closing the gap each side. The French examples in the Maciejowski Bible and the English Luttrell psalter follow this pattern - it is likely that the two sections are joined beneath the saddle, but obviously this detail is always hidden.
seal william fitzempress1.jpg
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