Mouldy Tent

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Mouldy Tent

Post by dan_vasey »

Not sure where to post this, so just looking to get some help..

After returning from an event I was rather displeased to find my A-frame canvas covered in mould after a leakage in the lockup.
I'm cautious to approach it for fear that any typical bleach products (or whatever, I can't say I've had to do battle with mold before...) would do damage to the material.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

GJ Nord
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Re: Mouldy Tent

Post by GJ Nord »

nail brush, soapy water, and elbow grease? Depends on how bad the mould is I guess? pics may help people give better answers than mine?

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Jack Campin
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Re: Mouldy Tent

Post by Jack Campin »

Some moulds are fixable. Mildew (the commonest) is not one of them.

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