clothing for Robert Campin's portrait subjects

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Jack Campin
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clothing for Robert Campin's portrait subjects

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These two: ... in_013.jpg ... in_012.jpg

It seems rather likely that Robert Campin was a relative of mine (I think of him as Umpty-Greats-Grandpa Bob). Thinking of going with my wife to the Mediaeval Music in the Dales event. In which case this is the obvious image (though neither of us looks much like the subjects). My wife is extremely skilled at modern sewing but hasn't done much historical stuff. Where should we look for resources on reconstructing this couple's clothes?

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Colin Middleton
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Re: clothing for Robert Campin's portrait subjects

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The book "The Medieval Tailors Assistant" is the go to hand-book for recreating Medieval clothing. The author, Sarah Thursfield also runs 'workroom days' when she can help you get started on something like this. Contact her through her website if you're interested.

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