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looking to join

Post by eanwelly »

hi im looking to join a medieval re-enactment group in kent,can anyone please tell me of any. I use to do Napoleonic re-enactment so I have had a taste of this,also gone abroad to re-enact. thanks.

Anthony of the MSS
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Post by Anthony of the MSS »

You'd be wanting the Medieval Siege Society then. There's a kent social gathering on the 9th may - pop along and see if it's for you..?

http://www.medieval-siege-society.co.uk ... tml#Social

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Re: looking to join

Post by matlot »

Have a look at the wars of the roses federation page for groups their all over the country
also on facebook
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Re: looking to join

Post by hayalan »

the MSS are at dover castle august BH come along and chat to us

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