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Re: Yeoman archer

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Hey, I am new to the forum but I would like to add something from my personal experience of my days as a yeoman archer in a free company

We were fairly equally equipped, all of us and we looked impressive standing on a battlefield in line with our longbows drawn.
The regular equipment included:
A jack with St. George's cross which was mandatory during Henry V's campaign.
Steel gauntlets - very useful for protecting hands during malee
Open helmet with linen cap beneath and often with a chain coif
The more wealthy yeomen could afford plate legs (cuisses, polyens and greaves)
Also a buckler was quite popular among the lads

In terms of weapons the main thing obviously was a longbow.
For hand weapons we used (as historically correct) falchions and short swords (arming swords?) or long knives even.

Other elements of armour were not common among yeomen archers.

I know that most of the elements overlap with what others have already mentioned but I hope it can serve as a summary.
Should you have any other questions let me know.

p.s. I don't exactly remember source of that data now, but I can dig if you want. We used osprey 'English Longbowman' for sure and some other more scientific sources certainly.

p.s.2 I also recommend this site: some good info on the subject.

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Re: Yeoman archer

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Re Froissart the 15th c images.

They are later images potraying an earlier time, forget the apparent use of full plate by the archers, the archers at Poitiers and Crecy would not have been wearing 15thc armour of any sort, that should be a huge indicator that the images are not portraying reality, but a pretty picture of men dressed for battle.
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