Free Short Course - England in the time of Richard III

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Free Short Course - England in the time of Richard III

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Part of the FutureLearn project launched today this free online course is offered by the University of Leicester.

England in the time of King Richard III
Explore 15th century England through the team of scholars in archaeology, history and literature responsible for the recent excavation of Richard III.

6 weeks, 2 hours per week. Starting 25th November.

Worth a look for the re-enactor footage on the introductory video.

In the aftermath of the exciting discovery of the skeleton of Richard III, a team of scholars from the University of Leicester address a broad set of themes about the England Richard would have inhabited in the fifteenth century.. The political scene was dominated by savage dynastic warfare – the Wars of the Roses - in which allegiances and power shifted among an aristocratic clique, with devastating outcomes. The century also saw the abandonment of many villages through general population decline, and a shift towards greater use of the land for pasture farming. But demand for labour meant that the prosperity of working people rose, and towards the end of the century, the introduction of printing transformed access to literacy and books. Each week we will address a different perspective: medieval warfare, the lives of peasants and farmers, food and culture, death and commemoration, reading and the introduction of printing. Finally, we will look at how historians and archaeologists have reconstructed Richard’s road to Bosworth and how one of England’s most famous Kings came to be buried in Leicester. ... hard-third
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Re: Free Short Course - England in the time of Richard III

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Thank you!
Have just signed up to futurelearn. Heard about it on the radio the other day and then forgot about it!

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Re: Free Short Course - England in the time of Richard III

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Surely it should only cover a couple of years, he was only a king for a short time, not the whole century :devil:

But seriously the WOTR was not the whole century and land use began to change well before the period not as a result of it, the Dickie thing is a convenient coat hanger, it would be more realistic to not refer to Dick at all for such a long time frame, maybe Private Eye could have a Dick speak column.
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Re: Free Short Course - England in the time of Richard III

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I agree, They have crammed into it stuff that began in the 1350's, I guess they are making a claim that being born in the 1450's big Dickie was a child of the WOTR.

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