equestrian equipment suppliers enquiry

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phil ainsley
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equestrian equipment suppliers enquiry

Post by phil ainsley »

im looking for any advice/leads/recommendations on some equestrian suppliers/manufacturers.

i am considering introducing a horse into our groups display. should we do so then i plan on displaying the animal in a setting of general riding & draft purposes rather than combat.

i would like to find some sources/manufacturers to obtain saddle, bridle, bit and other bits and bobs such as brushes/tools etc.

period is 13th C

any other advice/feedback/books/articles/experiences also appreciated.


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Re: equestrian equipment suppliers enquiry

Post by Tiamat »

Hi Phil,

For bridles and other leatherwork, try http://sellerie-occitane.com/shop/fr/

They're not cheap, but their prices are fair for the quality they offer.

Brushes etc. you can just buy at regular equestrian shops. Look for goat's hair and horse hair brushes, they seem to be fairly authentic. If you look around, you'll probably be able to find authentic looking currycombs and hoofpicks as well.

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Phil the Grips
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Re: equestrian equipment suppliers enquiry

Post by Phil the Grips »

6of1 do nice currycombs.

Pipistrelle Leather do lovely historic saddlery.
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Mark Griffin
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Re: equestrian equipment suppliers enquiry

Post by Mark Griffin »

The MoL book on horse stuff by John Clarke is a good place to find items. Don;t forget the medieval 'draft' horse is entirely different to many breeds post late 16th cent i.e the 'heavy' horses beloved of breweries and rubbish jousting groups.
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