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Simon Dakin
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new group wanted

Post by Simon Dakin »


I'm based in S.E. London with an interest in 13 / 14 c living history.

I am an archer able to put on a reasonable show as an archer making arrows, bows, and general chat on the subject, with my own tent etc. Also able to organise and manage archery displays etc.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

With thanks

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Try the Erpyngham Retinue. A bit later than your period of interest, but one of the founders of the Azincourt Alliance and rather more archer-accurate than many re-enactment groups (that is, archery is not just for the old, the infirm, women and children)

They are based in Croydon.
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Gail Horn
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We may be of interest:
Based in the middle ish of the 14th century and train in Kingston.
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Allan Harley
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Post by Allan Harley »

Also check out theWotR Fed website - may be later period than you are used to but a number of archer orientated groups belong to the Fed
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the real lord duvet

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contact us if you grow out of playing with childrens toys?

try gunnery with big guns?

teutonic knight
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hi there

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Hi we are a newly formed living history group in essex portraying the german hospital of St. Mary in 1222, if this would be of intrest to you please email us on :)
Brethren of the German Hospital of St. Mary.

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