Infomation wanted about events in Germany

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Edmund the Marshal
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Infomation wanted about events in Germany

Post by Edmund the Marshal »

I’m going over to Germany next year as my other half has some gigs over there.
So has anybody visited Germany and could recommend any of their markets or festivals ?
Do they have a German equivalent of Tewkesbury ? I.e. large battle and big market. We will be based around Witten.

Not looking to take kit but just to go as a mop.


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Post by Pilsbury »

Witten is my towns German twin town but Im afraid I dont know much about the place, be interested to know though

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Post by wulfenganck »

I can only write about 15th and maybe later 14th century living history, because that's the perods I do or know about.

Well, there are lots of "medieval markts" around - but most of them are in no way accurate. It's more about camping in pseudo-medieval costumes......
Therefore I only visit one in May (= Freienfels, Hessen) and participate in another in August (= Rabenstein, Bavaria), that's it. But no battle alike the size of Tewkesbury there.

There are of course some bigger events with a better (= historically correct) attitude; BUT two major military events happened this year and are on a two-years-schedule.

AFAIK there is a bigger event in Bretten, (north-east to Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg), the "Peter-und-Patl-Fest" in July. There is usually a bigger reenactment for the battle of 1504 and some living history. Some really good groups there, but some silly costuming as well....

We are at the moment collecting ideas what to do next year:
A "Schützenfest" (shooting match) following 15th ct regulations with lots of festivities; some larger military training in field and playing in the woods in the second half of 2010, but that'll be private events.

It depends on the "authenticity"-factor you're looking for to give you better hints.

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