My blog about medieval leatherwork

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Mikkel Frederiksen
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My blog about medieval leatherwork

Post by Mikkel Frederiksen »

I just thought that i would do a bit of advertiseing for my blog.

I write about historical crafts, with focus on the medieval period. Most of my projects are about leatherwork, but it also happens that I do some wood-working or other things that i find interesting. And I try to post as many picrures as possible.

Mostly i make different kinds of acessories for medieval clothes (belts, purses, bags, needlecases ect.).



Hope you find it interesting :-)


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Post by zauberdachs »

very nice
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lucy the tudor
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Post by lucy the tudor »

Great site, don't you make classy stuff- very impressed- I aspire to making such things soon....

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Post by Sophia »

Very impressed, great to see such a range of shapes and styles.

Sophia :D
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Alexander Borum
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Post by Alexander Borum »

yeah Mikkel makes items with a true "show off" potential :)

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