Images of Joust Training

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Images of Joust Training

Post by Zachos »

Does anyone have any images, contemporary or otherwise, of structures used to train in jousting? I'm thinking quintains etc.


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Post by Handbag »

theres a nice image of squires training for tournaments in the romance of
alexander. ... =msbodl264

hopefully that should take you to it!! if not got to the bodleian webside search for romance of alexander and look at Fol 82v its at the bottom of the page.

i have a very excellent book called "tournaments - jousts, chivalry and pageants in the middle ages" by richard barber and juliet barker.

theres a few more images in there worth a look . i will try to scan them in and attach them on here later =-)

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Post by Handbag »

link works. its the right manuscript - just view all and find fol 82v :lol: :lol:

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Post by Mark Griffin »

the book mentioned above is about the best source for general jousting stuff. After than its hunting around for individual images. I have pics of later quitains in a few private collections, most by 15th cent sem to be figurative, i.e people or animals. Often they are Moors heads or dragons. This is certainly where the Moors head pub names come from.

Looking later there are some excellent dragon quintains in the Polish Ambassador tapestries and cartoon. Hit the head riht and the weighted taileswings round, very fancy stuff. A delicious decadent historical trifle. Thick performance jelly topped with lashings of imaginative creamy custard. You may also get a soggy event management sponge finger but it won't cost you hundreds and thousands.

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Post by Mark GRaves »

>>> Oops my mistake, I'm actually thinking of "alexander" as above !

image of squires jousting at a quintain on a wheeled "hobby horse", early 14th C.

I think it's either from
Walter de Millemete - De Officiis Regum (the one with the earliest? Gun)

or the Holkam Bible.

CAn find my link to it at the moment - sorry!

(not the Luttrell Psalter and I'm farily sure not the Manessa codex)
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