Shortbow - who makes them ?

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Shortbow - who makes them ?

Post by valen »

Guys, I'm looking for someone to make me up something similar to the bow you see in this guy's hand;

Does anyone know who could make such a thing ? Is there little difference between long & shortbow, that any bow maker could do it ?


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Neil of Ormsheim
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Post by Neil of Ormsheim »

By definition, the difference between a long and a short bow is actually the height of the user. A longbow is longer than its user and a short bow shorter. Other than that, there is no difference (as afr as I am aware!). The bow pictured would appear to have a slight re-curve to it - perhaps to increase the power of the bow without adding the extra length. I would suggest taking a copy of the picure around the usual bowyer suspects at the markets and see if they are able to oblige.
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Hinny Annie
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Post by Hinny Annie »

H Valen, a wooden bow of this length would be very weak simply because the draw length is very short, and looking at the size of the arrowheads in the same picture it would suggest that the bow had considerable power and therefore I would think that it is made of a composite material similar to horsebows. In which case easy to buy.

The arrows he is also carrying are too long to be drawn on a wooden bow of that length. Most irish bows would be wooden but as these are irish mercanieries they could have aquired the bow from anywhere.
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Dave Brown
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Post by Dave Brown »

Try contacting Steve Ralphs or DIY archery
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Post by BrendanGrif »

As an aside on this the original Durer Watercolour was on display in Dublin a while back - it suggested (to me) that the picture was more a sketch with deliberately exaggerated elements than an attempt to capture reality - the feet in particular were a bit mad.


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