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Has an one got any pic's of 13th/14th century wooden turned items?? i,e bowls, spice containers, candlesticks etc, am attempting to make some additional turned items for my kit and can't find any decent pic's!!

Cheers Guys
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Post by Fox »

I've moved this to the 1100 - 1500 thread, as it's more likely to get a good reply there.

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Post by Handbag »

try the museum of london publications . im sure the medieval household book had pics of turned bowls and little containers. unfortunately i have not got a copy to scan on pics.

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Contact Robin Wood, he now posts here.
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well you could get my book "the wooden bowl" pub stobart davies which has lots of photos of original bowls. The MOL book mentioned by handbag has drawings of 25 or so bowls. Carole Moris wood and woodworking from anglo scandinavian York has drawings of a good number of med bowls too. Other than that its lots of small individual papers with an odd bowl or two in each.
Also I would recomend looking at the "bad bowl amnesty" thread which was on here a month or so ago and has good info on how to make a decent replica.

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