Daily rations for a castle guard or medieval foot soldier.

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Daily rations for a castle guard or medieval foot soldier.

Postby Stuart Quayle » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:20 am

Good morning everyone

Can anybody help me please? I am trying to find contemporary sources or information about what the daily food and drink rations would have been for say a common 14th/15th century castle guard or foot-soldier. Does anybody know of any contemporary written accounts detailing such entitlements?

I am not going to say typical entitlements because they must have varied from Lord's retinue to Lord's retinue and whether or not they were on campaign etc.

This is for a schools science project. The little darlings are going to have to calculate how much food the castle administrators would have to keep in store to feed a retained castle garrison of 50 soldiers on a daily; monthly or yearly basis.

The only extant information I have so far is for Castle Rushen It was written in the Isle of Man statute book of 1422 AD that the people of Castletown or Peel were "to supply the Lieutenant of the Castle Guard with one loafe Bread, one gallon ale, and two candles per day in Summer and three candles per day in Winter, and reasonable of fuell every night, from Allhollowday till Easter".

Was anything written down in this respect during the War of the Roses?

Any help or information would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance :)


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