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Pots & Crocks.

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"Pots and Crocks" Supplier of pottery for Living History & Re-enactment




Gracie Tyller.

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"Gracie Tyller" Supplier of fine silk  and wools, and equipment for LH & Re-enactors



Bryn Mawr Heritage Trust

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Welcome to our web site.  

Here, we can only give you a basic insight into our capabilities.  Please contact us for a discussion on how weA 14th Century Archer. may enhance your event.

Our group comprises experienced Re-Enactors and Living History demonstrators -- both adults and children. 

We always strive for accuracy throughout our portrayals - whether that be an authentic encampment, clothing, cooking or hand to hand combat - to provide an informative and entertaining display.




Our personas and encampments are based around depictions of a  'Fellowship' of Freemen - joined together for mutual benefit whilst on military campaign in England and the Welsh borderlands. 

Most fight on behalf of their retainers and because of family duty, whilst others are paid mercenaries and professional fighting men .  The artisans and women are present due to obligation to their lords.  All would prefer to be far from battle!

Our Bodger makes and repairs all manner of wooden articles - domestic, agricultural and military, and on occasion, turns his hand to armour repairs.  Our Weaver spins and dyes her own yarns, then weaves cloth and braids.  The Fletcher keeps the group supplied with hunting and war arrows.  

Shoes and all manner of leather goods are made onsite by our Leatherworker, whilst our Storyteller - Musician keeps all entertained with her music.

Demonstration of the effectiveness of weapons is provided by our Archers, Men at Arms, and  Knights.

This assembly of individuals has its own Surgeon.  Not formally trained, but someone who has had to acquire skills in previous wars.  He is primarily a fighting man, but at a time of need, will help his fellows.

All of the group enjoy interaction with the public, having gained experience at a wide variety of events.  Most of the group have also gained experience as 'Extras' in medieval films.




Our encampments take place at 'retained' events and 'open' events throughout the U.K., and we regularly attend major battles such as Tewkesbury, Berkley,  etc.  

Whilst we concentrate on the 13 - 15 century, we have the ability and experience to span the Norman conquest through to the Tudors.

At these events, we provide authentic and Living History demonstrations. Our 'Skirmishers' will be happy to provide talks and demonstrations of their weapons - longbows,  swords and pole arms.




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