Gracie Tyller

Merchant of Fine Silks and Wools


 Gracie offers a wide range of yarns and fibres for spinning, braiding and weaving. These materials are totally authentic for a wide range of historic periods, up to twenty-first century.  Hand spun or farm spun wools are always available: the latter producing a more consistent thread.  Natural dyes are used as standard.

In addition, Gracie has a range of instructional books and equipment associated with spinning and braiding.


Felt panels are made to order, in various sizes up to 2ft x 3ft. Plain, patterned or coloured. The choice is yours.


TUITION.  Gracie often provides training sessions whilst at Living History and trading events.  She frequently trains in the use of the Drop Spindle, Tablet Weaving, Lucette, etc., and is able to provide all necessary material and equipment for the sessions.  Places on these sessions are strictly limited. Please e-mail her for availability.

DEMONSTRATIONS.  Gracie is available to provide demonstrations for Historic Venues, Dyers and Weavers Guilds, etc.  She is often requested to demonstrate the Great Wheel, as well as Drop Spindle spinning, Tablet and Inkle braiding, and methods of dying with natural materials. For further information, please contact Gracie for a discussion of your requirements.


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Gracie dwells in the shadow of Moel Fammau, North Wales
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