Including Conroi de Vey in your event

Our bodger (woodturner) at work using his pole-lathe (photo supplied by Rosemary Watson)

Conroi de Vey is an historical re-enactment group based in Nottingham specialising in recreating Anglo-Saxon and Norman life as accurately and authentically as we can. We are part of the nationwide Early Middle Ages re-enactment society Regia Anglorum.

We demonstrate the life, crafts and skills of the people mainly of the 9th to 11th centuries from Ceorl to Eorl (peasant to noble) as authentically as possible. We aim to educate and entertain the public with our military and living history skills at organised events, portraying Saxons, Vikings or Normans based on your requirements.

Conroi is an old Norman word for a war band. Our warriors train regularly to ensure our warfare display is spectacular as well as safe. We are happy to display military skills from battles to single combat using spears, swords and axes.

Our Saxon Shield-wall prepares to charge (photo supplied by Rosemary Watson)

Our Living History Exhibit (LHE) is excellent and we have a number of experts among our ranks who are able to talk about the period and demonstrate a wide range of skills. All of our craft demonstrations use only the tools, techniques and materials that would have been available and familiar to the people of the period.

Craft demonstrations in our repertoire include: Skeins of wool in a range of colours, dyed by one of our members using the same plant ingredients known to have been used during this period in history (photo supplied by Rosemary Watson)
A view of our cook shelter (photo supplied by Rosemary Watson)

We can liven up a village fete, be part of a County show or be the sole attraction for an event. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to find out more about what we do. Two of our members wrote a little about what we got up to at the Tollerton Village Fête, you can read all about it here.